About Us

About us

Welcome to my Spine Afghanhounds!

I am very happy to introduce myself and my afghanhounds to you.

My name is Cheol-Yong Hwang and lives in Seoul, Korea with my afghanhounds. I am working at College of Veterinary Medicine, Seoul National University as a professor of Internal Medicine Department. I am always having minded that I am a lucky man because I am always working with several animals I love to although almost all of them are poor babies need my medical treatments.

One of my long time dreams from childhood was handling my dogs in dog shows and the dream was finally come true at last year with several success and happy things. I also think that dog show is a kind of wonderful sports that the dog owners can enjoy with their dogs whatever they win or not. Showing your proud dogs to someone and doing your best with your love boys or girls with happy minds is greatest matter on dog shows I think. Showing my dogs is one of my ongoing hobbies and I will go with this mind forever.

"Spine Afghanhounds" is now starting to forward. Although my start is nothing to boast about, I'd like to continue my effort in hopes of producing healthy and lovely afghanhounds into the future.

Thank You.

Cheol-Yong Hwang
D.V.M, M.S, Ph.D.


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